Touchscreen Tables and Kiosks

Tiltable Kiosk

Applicable for shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, airports, bookstores, exhibition halls, reception, museums, convention centers, ticket agencies and fitness hall.

Vertical Advertisement Kiosk

Major enterprises and large employers in the retail, health, hospitality and travel industries are deploying interactive kiosks in rapidly increasing numbers.

Glossy Black Touch Screen Table

Unique design piece of table furniture that integrates the latest multi-touch technology with a pure and beautiful physical form. This table allows for true multiuser interaction up to 40 touch points and with a bright powered LED screen.

InteractiveTouch Screen Display

Can be used as a check-in kiosk, an information kiosk, a wayfinding kiosk, a lobby kiosk and a survey kiosk, but the functionality doesn’t stop there. This kiosk machine is so incredibly flexible, it can be used in hospitals, universities, museums and schools.

Glossy White Information Kiosk

All in one solution that once the base is attached the kiosk can be placed on the floor and the screen is at hip height. These Kiosks can be placed in every accommodation such as a hospital, conference halls, etc.

White Touch Screen Coffee Table

The simplest and most beautiful touch screen coffee table in the market. The table is built with a capacitive touch which detects up to 40 touch points and comes in a range of sizes, from 37″ to 46″.

Interactive Restaurant Multitouch Table

Designed for use in restaurants, coffee shops, staff canteens and cafes, it is the solution for those that want to create a unique customer experience.

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