Outdoor Flexible LED Long Curtain Display

Product Features

The LED shop window display for retail applications can help your business in the following ways:

  • Keep your customers informed about promotions and offers, use a flashing or scrolling LED displays.
  • We create unique housing that are shaped to fit with your existing shop decor.
  • Our displays are adapted to make most of your shop layout, and can be flush mounted within fixings, alongside staircases, or fitted within shop displays.
  • Fully customisable to make your brand more recognisable, by use of corporate colours and identity.

Application & Venues

Our LED Video Curtains will change the way you think about doing large scale videos. Simply unfold, hang, connect the display cables and you’re ready to go!

Whether it’s for concerts, festivals, advertising, halls, shop windows or exhibitions, LED Video Curtains are the perfect solution for advertising and entertaining purposes.

With an IP65 rating, they can even be used outdoors with temporary installations.

LED Video Curtains can be customised to fit your needs. You can even choose to have your LED Video Curtains as one panel or multiple panels for easier mounting.

Need a bigger screen?

Simply add additional panels, connect linking cables, and the video software will automatically reconfigures to the new size.

No complicated reconfiguration is needed. Contact us for special sizes to meet your desired size.

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LED Digital Signboards & Touchscreens Catalogue 2019

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LED Digital Signboards & Touchscreens Catalogue 2019